Andrew Roberts



Andrew Roberts (b. 1995, Tijuana) incorporates elements from gameplay, roleplay and worldbuilding into his multi-platform practice, recognizing in these mechanisms a cultural structure where consumption and production become one. Exploring the material dimension of horror, Roberts’ digital animations, installations, sculptures and poetry treat colonial agents as possessed images and haunted spaces. He is primarily concerned with representational systems and the geographical tensions between Mexico and the United States of America.  

Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include Pequod Co., Mexico City (2023, 2020); House of Chappaz, Valencia and Barcelona (2022); Best Practice, San Diego (2022); and Delaplane, San Francisco (2021). Significant group exhibitions include the Institut Culturel du Mexique, Paris (2023); the Whitney Biennial: Quiet As It's Kept, NYC (2022); the Institute of Mexico in Spain, Madrid (2022); the 7th Athens Biennale: ECLIPSE (2021); the Museo Jumex, Mexico City (2021); and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (2018); amongst others. 

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