Towards Electromateriality, 2018
4K video, 65-Inch monitor, 3D prints, stainless steel light stands and fake concrete wall
variable dimensions
Installation view at I<< II > · >>I Ficción y tiempo, CCU Tlatelolco, 2018, Mexico City, México

Video credits

Written, directed and animated by Andrew Roberts
Music by Invitado Sorpresa
Energy Sphere Model by Sirhaian
Galaxy’s Black Hole with Brain Model by Nico Torres
Cthulhu Model by Allen Lee Grippin
Kaiju Models by Dope Pope
Archeological Models by The British Museum
Robot Model by Jacques Achille
Motion graphics by Andrew Roberts
Demonic Morgan Freeman and Ghost of Marilyn Monroe Models by Andrew Roberts
Narrated by an algorithmically generated clone of the artist’s voice