Time Capsule, 2016-2116
Steel and unknown interior
Time Capsule burial at the building foundations of the Elias Fontes Collection’s home and museum, Mexicali, B.C., México

'Time capsule' is a time-based work taking the form of a monetary transaction between the artist and the Elias Fontes Collection; it consists on the sale of a time capsule of which only the artist knows its interior, and that was then proceded to be buried under the house and museum of the collectors by their own family members. The work is accompanied by a legal contract, which stipulates that the time capsule must remain closed and buried for 100 years as a condition before it can be open.

Added to this, annually the collection will issued a monetary payment to the artist until the time capsule is ready to be open, thereby incurring in a hundred years debt. At the end of the stipulated time the collection will receive the rights to claim the interiors of the box, and the transaction will end successfully. But in case of not respecting the established, all the objects involved will lose their denomination as a work of art and thereby will be destroyed.

Time Capsule (Contract and plans), 2016 
Digital prints on cotton paper
Time Capsule contract and transaction at Escritorio de Procesos, Mexicali, B.C., México

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