The Complex (Beta Version)
, 2017—2018 
Two-channel video installation, 4K video, 3D animation, color, sound, 5:00 min.
To get access to the full-lenght version in 4K resolution please contact the artist.

The Complex (Beta version), 2017—2018
4K video, two-channel video installation and digital prints
5:00 min., variable dimensions
Installation view at Being Here with You/Estando aquí contigo: 42 Artists from San Diego and Tijuana, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, 2018, San Diego, CA, USA, Photo: Pablo Mason

The Complex (Alpha Version), 2017
4K video, two-channel video installation, digital prints, headphones and electric extension cords
5:44 min., variable dimensions
Installation view at Sunrise Corporation, Centro Cultural Tijuana, 2017, Tijuana, BC, México

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