Isla, dinos tu nombre
(Island, tell us your name)

The four Coronado Islands form an archipelago off the coast of the state of Baja California. These islands have been used as a strategic territory for smuggling and other criminal activities due to their proximity to the border between Mexico and the United States.

Through an spiritual invocation, Andrew Roberts allows the island itself to expose its nature and describe the characteristics of its land, snatching the narrator's voice from the conqueror. From 600 photographs of the region, the artist has created a 3D model that serves as a body for this presence.

In a second moment, Roberts presents a dark fantasy composed of mythological beings, fossil remains, architecture from ancient times and explorers who have been confined to the islands. This place built by images immersed in the memories of his childhood serves to establish a theory about the construction of a territory from fiction.

Text by Alan Sierra


Acquisition prize, III Bienal Nacional del Paisaje, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico


3ra Bienal Nacional del Paisaje, Instituto Sonorense de Cultura, Nogales, 2019


Isla, dinos tu nombre, 2019, 4K video, digital animation, color, sound, 6’00”, 2.67 GB, MP4.

Andrew Roberts